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The Growth for Good Acquisition Corp is a SPAC that seeks an inclusive and sustainable company with strong business fundamentals, high growth potential and a readiness to scale in the public market.

Climate technology companies are a significant focus for us. These companies have successfully disrupted industries by developing innovative solutions and technologies critical to de-carbonizing the global economy.

Our sectors of potential interest include clean energy, carbon tech, green materials and industry, e-mobility and transport, sustainable food and agritech, and others well-positioned to scale in the net zero transition of the global economy.

There is strong and growing investor interest in sustainability, both in the U.S. and abroad. The public equity demand for ESG is enormous and growing. There is approximately $40 trillion in ESG assets globally and approximately $53 trillion expected by 2025 according to Bloomberg Intelligence.

We believe the market opportunity for sustainable companies has never been stronger. We intend to leverage our extensive networks across this sector to identify a well performing and high growth potential target. Then, we intend to stay the course with that company as we help it to expand and to succeed over the long-term.