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  • 5 ESG insiders open up about what it's really like to work in sustainable investing, from tackling greenwashing to battling 'sucker' stereotypes

    01/26/2022 | Business Insider

    'The whole point is that the alpha is there'
    Yana Kakar, veteran sustainability executive and CEO of Growth for Good Acquisition Corp., a special-purpose acquisition company currently looking for an environmentally sustainable target:
    "Sustainable investing is about finding the winners amongst the companies that are going to be most needed as the global economy transitions to net-zero.

  • SPAC Growth for Good aiming for deals at an 'inflection point' in ESG investing
    1/13/2022 | SEEKING ALPHA

    While not making any outright predictions, "I think we are actually at an inflection point of accelerated growth," with momentum in sustainability on both the environmental and social side, Barsky says.

  • Yana Kakar, CEO, talks climate solutions with Project Drawdown and High Water Women
    1/13/2022 | Project Drawdown & High Water Women

    Yana's vision involves “finding a way to put an economic overlay on top of the academic truths” of climate change. By describing the science behind climate change in terms of dollars of investment needed, upside potential, and material risks, Yana has had success in aligning positive outcomes for investors and the atmosphere.

  • Credit Suisse's Dana Barsky joins impact SPAC
    1/5/2022 | NEW PRIVATE MARKETS

    Barsky is joining the Growth for Good Acquisition Corporation as president and board member, according to a statement announcing her new position. The SPAC, or so-called ‘blank-cheque company’, is looking to execute “business combinations” with companies that have “strong business fundamentals, high growth potential and a mission of positively impacting the environment and society”, the statement said.

  • Ex-Credit Suisse exec joins social impact SPAC

    “Dana is a highly experienced, well-recognized sustainable finance executive with significant capital markets, operations, and investment expertise,” said Growth for Good CEO Yana Watson Kakar in a statement. “We are pleased to welcome her to Growth for Good and look forward to leveraging her broad skillsets and deep relationships across the private and public sectors as we seek to identify companies positively impacting our world and poised for long-term growth.”

  • Barsky joins Growth for Good SPAC

    Credit Suisse's global head of sustainable finance, Dana Barsky, has become president of special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) The Growth for Good Acquisition Corporation.

  • Agents of Impact: Follow the Talent
    1/4/2022 | IMPACT ALPHA

    Dana Barsky, former global head of sustainable finance at Credit Suisse, becomes president of Growth for Good Acquisition Corp., an “inclusive and sustainable” SPAC that last month raised $253 million

  • Investment Leaders on Post-COP26 Climate Finance
    12/08/2021 | Bloomberg

    Yana Watson Kakar, Cathrine de Coninck-Lopez and Nili Gilbert examine the role capital plays in helping achieve the goals set forth at COP26 with Bloomberg Green’s Jess Shankleman.

  • Five steps investors can take to build a sustainable global supply chain
    11/09/2021 | Impact Alpha

    “Our supply chain model has failed us. We now have an open invitation to do things differently. That will require investors to step up, put their short-term interests aside, and proactively work with corporations to build a better future. Otherwise, the natural short-term nature of the markets will continue to drag businesses and investors in the wrong direction.” — Yana Watson Kakar

  • Central Banks Now Have More Traction on Climate Than Protesters
    11/03/2021 | Bloomberg

    “When the technocrats jumped into the environmental movement, they complemented the awareness-building that activists had been doing,” said Yana Kakar, a sustainability expert and global managing partner emeritus at the investment strategist Dalberg Advisors.
    “For asset allocators, it makes responding to climate change part of their fiduciary duty.”

  • Tesla posts record earnings but on one stock market number Elon Musk’s EV company is still disappointing
    10/20/2021 | CNBC

    Yana Kakar, global managing partner emeritus at Dalberg, said when the ESG debate is boiled down to a choice between whether the product a company produces is good, such as a Tesla EV, or the way it produces the product is good, that is a mistake.“That’s a false dichotomy,” she said. “There is no necessary tradeoff. It is not a zero-sum game.”

    How a company produces its products can be a reflection of the same values in the products it creates, and “that is entirely achievable,” Kakar said.

  • Can the climate crisis make Big Tech 'good' again?
    08/14/2021 | Business Insider

    “Tech firms could make it easier for users to find environmentally-friendly choices, like defaulting to buying low-carbon products on Amazon's Alexa,” said Yana Kakar, sustainability investor and global managing partner emeritus at Dalberg Advisors.

    She also called for more transparency in Big Tech's progress towards goals, noting that quarterly reports could include not just financials but updates on decarbonization efforts.